Welcome to the newest version of my website!

My name is Alexandre Fonseca and I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student with a great interest in Distributed Computing/Systems.

This site's main purpose is to constitute my personal web presence. Here you will be able to learn who I am, what projects I am/was involved in as well as just check some rambling posts on my blog.

I'm also open to collaboration in new projects, job offers, thesis and internship proposals and just about anything. You can reach me using the contact form on this website.

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Random Projects

  • Jackpot System


    A custom jackpot system ordered by DGBux (a PTC site) whose purpose is to allow users to buy tickets. When all tickets get bought, a specified number of winning tickets are automatically drawn and the prizes are added to the user account.

    All jackpot info (including prizes) is edited in the DB so it is truly dynamic and the owner can create as many jackpots as he'd like. It also saves information regarding previous jackpots.

  • Line Stat


    Line Stat is a simple application whose purpose is to give you a report regarding the number of lines (normal, comment and empty lines) of the files you select.

    It supports every kind of text file but it was only designed to analyze C styled code where single-line comments begin with // and multi line comments begin with /* and end with */ so it might give you inaccurate results if used somewhere else.