Alex JF

Welcome to the newest version of my website!

My name is Alexandre Fonseca and I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student with a great interest in Distributed Computing/Systems.

This site's main purpose is to constitute my personal web presence. Here you will be able to learn who I am, what projects I am/was involved in as well as just check some rambling posts on my blog.

I'm also open to collaboration in new projects, job offers, internship proposals and just about anything. You can reach me using the contact form on this website.

Latest Blog Entries

Latest Projects

  1. Pelican Plugins

    For the port of my site from Drupal to Pelican, the Python-based static site generator, I developed a series of plugins, adding increased flexibility to the Pelican site structure and workflow.

  2. Optimizing Synchronous Online Computation of Large Graphs

    This was my master thesis project developed at Telefónica between January and July 2014 with academic supervision from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

    In this thesis, I try to exploit the idle times inherent to imbalances in the BSP/Pregel execution model (used by Giraph) to speedup the computation of large graphs. This is done in the context of a system being developed at Telefónica called Realtime Giraph that enhances Giraph by providing a realtime incremental computation mode.

  3. An evaluation of the genome alignment landscape.

    This project was created as an assigment for the Implementation of Distributed Systems and Scientific Writing courses during my semester at KTH.

    The aim of this project was to find out just how feasible the distribution of the alignment of genome sequences over several machines is in a world that is still largely dominated by single-machine multiple-core sequence aligners. To that end, we evaluated the performance of 5 different aligners with the same input data, focusing on alignment duration and accuracy.