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It's that time of the month again people! News fresh from the oven about what happened to me since my last post! Currently listening to some radio and with no real will to do any useful work means I get to dedicate some time to my often neglected blog.

Adidas Supernova Glide 5M

I've been pretty busy with university stuff: paper readings, reviews, presentations and a midterm. However, I did get to spend the holy week (25 to 1) in Portugal since there were no classes the entire week in UPC. Meet up with friends, family (my nieces are getting so big), rabbit and my father was there as well so it was a very productive week! Also had the opportunity to pack some summer clothes to bring back to Barcelona as well as my running gear as the weather is once again getting favorable for my outdoor running sessions. Since my old running shoes were filled with holes in the inside stuffing and chafed my feet, I got some new Adidas Supernova Glide 5m. Having had the opportunity to test them last Friday in my inaugural 10km run to Montjuic, I can say they really do feel awesome on the feet and it feels as if I'm running on air! It was just a shame that Runtastic was unable to pinpoint my GPS location throughout the whole 1:30 hours and I had to input the course manually.


I managed to catch a cold during my last days in Portugal so the next week was spent in a feverish and snorty state which was unfortunate since it really impeded my progress on Ingress, the google GPS-based game for which I finally got an invite on the 31st of March. Even so, with the great amount of portals on the way to the university and the park nearby, I managed to hit level 3 by the start of the weekend. Since on Sunday I was already feeling better, I went with Peter to the Passeig de Grácia avenue for some serious Ingress action. After 3 hours of walking around hacking and destroying enemy portals and photographing a totally unexpected pillow fight in Plaza Catalunya, the phone's battery was in the red and it was time to go back home. To my surprise, the Bicing system said that the bike I had taken to get to Passeig de Grácia was still in use. This led me into a state of moderate panic as after 30 minutes they start charging you for the use of the bike and a little more than 3 hours had already passed since I last dropped it off at the station. Since my battery was almost depleted, I had to take the Metro home, plug the phone to the charger and call Bicing to try and fix the situation. Fortunately the lady was very comprehensive and cancelled my last bike trip on the grounds of a faulty dropoff station.

La Pedrera Pillow fight!

The next day was our first and only midterm exam in this semester. I think I did ok but it's hard to tell with the kind of open-ended questions of which the exam was composed. Still waiting for the results. In the meantime, I had 2 presentations to prepare and 3/4 papers to read. Those 2 presentations will be done tomorrow and the next day. Had quite a lot of time to practice so I hope everything goes according to plan!


Yesterday, Peter and I (no one else was able to come) went to see Oblivion (non-dubbed) in Icária Yelmo Cines. I always enjoy going there as it is quite a long bike ride (30 mins each way) passing through some of the most beautiful parts of Barcelona (Passeig de Grácia, Ramblas and seaside). We had dinner in this very nice restaurant/bar with lots of imported beers. We almost ended up eating Kanguru/Boar burguers but managed to find normal pork burgers on the menu written in Catalan. As for the movie, being a Sci-Fi fan, I enjoyed it a lot! The plot is actually very interesting and both the acting and CGI were very good. Some inconsistencies did bug me but nothing major. Unfortunately I can't tell you much more otherwise I'd spoil the experience.

Now I've got to get back to some actual work so see you on my next post!

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