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  • Category: Distributed Systems
  • Authors: Carlos H. C. Teixeira, Alexandre Fonseca, Marco Serafini, Georgos Siganos, Mohammed J. Zaki, Ashraf Aboulnaga
  • Start date: 2015/12
  • Version: 1.0-Beta
  • Status: Ongoing

Arabesque is a distributed graph mining system that enables quick and easy development of graph mining algorithms, while providing a scalable and efficient implementation that runs on top of Hadoop.

This project was started at the Qatar Computing Research Institute and presented (by me) at SOSP 2015 in Monterey, California.

Benefits of Arabesque:

  • Simple intuitive API, tuned for Graph Mining Problems
  • Handles all the complexity of Graph Mining Algorithms transparently
  • Scalable to hundreds of machines
  • Efficient implementation: negligible overhead compared to equivalent centralized solutions
  • Support of large graphs with over a billion edges. It can process trillion of subgraphs in a commodity cluster.
  • Designed for Hadoop. Runs as an Apache Giraph Job.

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