Alex JF

GR8 Engine

  • Category: Games
  • Authors: Alexandre Fonseca
  • Start date: 2008/06
  • Version: 0.1
  • Status: Postponed Indefinitely

GR8 Engine is a C++ 2D game engine based in SDL and OpenGL.

When finished, GR8 Engine is supposed to be a simple but complete game engine that provides all the functions and classes a game programmer might need.

GR8 Engine also uses the Box2D Physics engine for accurate and realistic object movement and collisions.

So far, it contains the following features:

  • A screen manager that allows the coexistence of several game screens (such as the main menu, game screen and pause menu).
  • An event manager that propagates events throughout the entire application.
  • A control manager that handles the updating and drawing of controls. The currently implemented controls are labels, textboxes and buttons.
  • A graphics class that is able to draw rectangles, circles, polygons, textures and text and contains useful functions such as FPS capping and cameras.
  • A sound class that manages background music and sound effects.

Included on the packages below is a small test program where you can control a football with the arrow keys. The map is divided in 3 areas by two big towers. On the leftmost one, there's a small ramp with a tunnel beneath it. On the center one there's a basketball with which you can interact. On the rightmost one there's nothing.

The test app also contains two active controls: a textbox and a button. These controls are draggable and function more or less as you'd expect from normal OS controls. You click them to focus them (or activate in the case of the button). They remain focused until you click somewhere else outside the control.

Note that I wrote most of the code before entering university and based on self-learning. As such, some areas might be poorly implemented or engineered. Also, I initially developed it using the MingW compiler and had to port it to the VC++ compiler so this porting can have introduced some obscure bugs.

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