Alex JF

Equinox Airlines

  • Category: Management
  • Authors: Alexandre Fonseca (Programming), André Sousa (Database), Afonso Ghira (Spreadsheets)
  • Start date: 2006/10
  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Finished

This was the project made by our group (me, André and Afonso) for a IT subject over the course of our 10th school year.

It consists of an application programmed in VB.NET that serves as frontend to an airline company data present in the database and in the spreadsheets, allowing the user to easily add, edit or delete data such as planes (and their info), routes, employees and clients.

The spreadsheets were developed in Excel 2003 and the database in Access 2003.

Below you can check the application package which contains the program, the database and the spreadsheets. Source code isn't available but if you really need it we may work something out ;)

Note: Project is in Portuguese


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