Alex JF

CFS sthreads + SNFS Extensions

  • Category: Misc
  • Authors: Alexandre Fonseca, Pedro Luz
  • Start date: 2010/09
  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Finished

This project was created as an assigment for the Operating Systems course during my 3rd semester at IST.

In this project we were asked to extend existing thread and file system libraries to support new operations, working upon what we were taught during class.

It was divided in 2 parts:

  • Extending an existing thread library (sthreads) so as to use the CFS scheduler employed by the Linux kernel 2.6.23 and adding a nice command. This required the implementation of a Red-Black tree.
  • Extending a very basic file system called SNFS so as to support file removal, concatenation, copying, copy-on-write, block caching and defragmentation.

The project was implemented in C and functionality was implemented with a focus on parallel execution, with synchronization blocks being created with mutexes/monitors.

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