Alex JF

Datacenter Power-Aware Management Optimization

  • Category: Misc
  • Authors: Alexandre Fonseca, Anh Thu Vu, Peter Grman
  • Start date: 2013/01
  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Finished

This project was created as an assigment for the Computer Networks Optimization course during my 2nd semester at UPC.

In this project we were tasked with the solving of an Integer Linear Program (ILP) for Datacenter Power-aware Management using existing ILP solvers and heuristic-based solvers we created ourselves.

For the 1st part, we used the model developed in An Integer Linear Programming Representation for DataCenter Power-Aware Management and ran it in 3 different ILP solvers: Gurobi, GLPK and CBC.

For the 2nd part, we developed 2 entirely custom heuristic frameworks, one in C++11 (by me) and the other in C# (by Peter) with different characteristics (more info on the paper below). Using these frameworks, we implemented 2 types of heuristic solvers: one based on a combination of GRASP + TabuSearch + Path Relinking and another based on Simulated Annealing with different solution construction steps.

Based on collected results, we then evaluated the performance and accuracy of the solvers and studied the effect of the different parameters on these components.


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