Alex JF

Pelican Plugins

  • Category: Plugins
  • Authors: Alexandre Fonseca
  • Start date: 2014/07
  • Status: Maintained

For the port of my site from Drupal to Pelican, the Python-based static site generator, I developed a series of plugins, adding increased flexibility to the Pelican site structure and workflow.

The developed plugins were:

  • pelican-autostatic: Dynamically identify static resources referenced in content files without having to hardcode paths into the configuration files.
  • pelican-advthumbnailer: More flexible thumbnailer plugin that scans the output folder for images matching the thumbnail pattern and creates said thumbnails on-demand.
  • pelican-entities: Allow the definition of new content types that behave as the original article content type in Pelican and support custom per-type configuration.
  • pelican-metadataparsing: Allow definition of custom metadata parsers to make template code more readable.
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